Free Will And The Concept Of Freedom Essay

2293 Words Oct 18th, 2016 10 Pages
The purpose of this piece is to present the question of free will and the concept of freedom. By discussing the effects of society, emotion, ethics, and religion on can choose to see free will and freedom as theoretical concepts which are not in fact attainable. On the other hand, the individual can also choose to use these faculties as a way of proving the existence of these two theories. Freedom and free will in literature are written and described as abstract concepts and although many choose to see them within democracy and life in general, perhaps it is not the reality and is simply an illusion. Individuals choose to believe that freedom and free will are a part of everyday life because for some the idea that there is a higher being pulling all the strings is too frightening of a thought. As a human being in today 's day and age, having some semblance of control provides security. To think that no one person actually has any control in what they do now or the outcomes in the future takes away that blanket of security thus leaving the individual vulnerable. Certain philosophers talk about things like fate, eudaimonia, human nature, and reality; each of these things subtracts from the idea of freedom and free will and also make the two a possibility. In some cases, ethics and morality can be seen as personal values. They are virtues that are decided by each individual. There are some that are ingrained into society and become a part of an unspoken contract. Nonetheless,…

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