Essay on Free Will And Freedom And Determinism

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Free will is a voluntary act and by definition, it is being able to act on one’s own beliefs and desires. The question of whether or not humans have free will is one that has been discussed for centuries. Do we, as humans, have the ability to act at one’s own discretion? Before getting into free will and all the topic has to offer, it is important to understand the topics of freedom and determinism. When we discus freedom, we usually discuss the idea that each and every person has control of their own mind and body. With this, a person is allowed to do whatever he or she wants, legally, as long as he or she does not harm or oblige another person against their own will. Philosophers ask many questions pertaining to freedom which consist of the topics of whether or not it actually exists. Does freedom exist or is there only necessity? This question and its several possible answers, leads into the topic of determinism. Determinism is the theory that everything that occurs happens of necessity. Everything has a cause. With determinism comes two categories: hard determinism and soft determinism. Hard determinism is the theory that while determinism is true, freedom does not exist. Since everything that occurs has a cause, there is no real freedom. Because hard determinists rule out the possibility of freedom, they imply that there is also the possibility of personal responsibility. With that said, and because everything that occurs happens of necessity, a person’s behavior…

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