Free Wifi Between Amenity Or Standard Feature? Essay

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Free WiFi in Hotels; Amenity or Standard Feature?
In 2014, 64% of hotels offered free WiFi to guests. Two years later, that percentage is much higher as, rather than a touted amenity, free WiFi has become a standard feature throughout the hospitality industry. Business travelers consider free WiFi an important feature as more than 90% of those traveling for business expect this service, and many would not return to a hotel that did not provide a fee-free service. Vacationers are not far behind as they also value free WiFi and ease of connectivity.
Hoteliers have seen several streams of revenue disappear with the rise of technology. The old standard encompassed room charges that included fees for telephone usage, video/movie rentals, and fees charged for Internet services, but these streams now constitute not much more than a trickle of revenue.
What can be done? When offering free WiFi services is an expectation that, if left unsatisfied, can damage your occupancy rates, customer satisfaction, and inhibit loyalty it is time to consider the ways in which you can benefit from this service.
Hoteliers across the globe are working to define the means by which the industry can satisfy customer needs while utilizing technology to its best and highest use for the industry. While some may see the free WiFi era as stagnant, the opposite is true. The industry as a whole is constantly working to maximize the benefits of these services as referenced in the upcoming schedule for the…

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