Free University Education Essay

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Free University Education

The essential and the basic level of education should be made free for all and sundry as it plays one of the most important roles in life of every human being in establishing and polishing his intellectuality and personality. It is the root, base and a building block in child’s development. The world has changed and moved so much that without education it is really tough for someone to live. But on the higher lever of education like university is really costly. So making it free would result in varied problems.
A child first goes to kinder garden, then the junior school, then the middle school, then the high school and the college. Till that time he has become mature enough to be aware of aptitudes as in what
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But then, another question comes up about the government getting its funds. It is really stupid to question someone about this because it is very obvious that the government will increase the taxes. And this will again come up as a big bad blow for the people and even could be worse than paying the fees of the colleges which we pay now.
This was all just about the money. Apart from that, the education of the universities would result in weakening or even destroying the quality of the education. For example, if there are no fees, there won’t be much funds for maintaining the good quality of the university study materials such as books, computers, lab materials, etc. and that’s not all, the salaries of the teachers and the other staff people would be very limited. And the result will be people avoiding teaching and people with lesser remuneration, lesser talent and lesser deserving would apply for this job. Also the free university or any education could drop the value of education as in free education might also make the students less concerned and they would attain a laid back attitude and would not feel compulsion to complete the course at the earliest. So, to sum up this would result in total decline. Another problem that would come up is place. There would be thousands of students enrolling every year for free. If the university has less money, they won’t afford to maintain or even buy a big place for the students to stay and study. There

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