Essay about Free Trade Should Encourage Those Things

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All us looks for full job, high expectation of living and high quality of life. Free trade should encourage those things, yet we do not have free trade. This is genuine statement since when the government negotiate, things are not as basic as they should be. The government imposes laws and limitations along with taxes, which no longer make trading free.
Working in the grocery store field, I had the chance to communicate with people of various background and social classes. I work as cashier at hannaford in South Burlington which accepts most of card like food stamp, credit card or debit card. We see customers from both sides of the range; some are wealthy, while others are low and average workers people. I have worked as cashier field for a couple of years now, and before taking this Anthropology class I had never seen certain attributes that I have watched of late in our customer. I have understood that somebody 's social class is uncovered in numerous unexpected ways. My current observation are economic and cultural changes of class.
One of my observation is that customer have exceptionally way of communication with each other relying upon their social class. As kids, interaction with others is an critical part of the socialization procedure while at supermarkets. It is then when we figure out how to shape social ties. There is one noteworthy contrast between the way kids from low and middle upper classes socialize at supermarket. In article Victorian food it mention,…

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