Free Speech Movement Essay

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During 1960s there were many life changing events that occurred and altering the world today. The classic beginning where time seemed to fast-forward. Our social ethics became the bigger aspect of our entire thought process such as thinking outside the box and doing the impossible which are used in many standards of life.
This blossoming year started off with the Democratic Party coming in first place over the Republican Party. Richard Nixon was the next runner up competing heavily against John F. Kennedy to concur our fragile country. The people’s choice in votes explained so much of their voice that were barely heard in our strict society. When the ballots were finally submitted everyone crossed their finger on November 8, 1960 in hopes
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The University of California’s Senate, Berkeley December 8, 1964 on presented and used a solution that supports the student leaders of the Free Speech Movement. The Senate needs the administration to accept the student 's rights of speech only to reasonable time and place restrictions. The Berkeley Administration comes to an agreement on January 3, 1965 with the students Free Speech Movement. The University of California’s Administration, Berkeley introduces the student speech policy and how it will meets the demands of student protesters. A open conversation area was developed on The Sproul Hall outside steps and student are subjected to staff on campus.
President Lyndon Johnson signs the bill Jul 30, 1965 on creating Medicare. Medicare is pristine health insurance for the elderly. Another one created was Medicaid which provides healthcare for citizens on welfare. Little time passed and Medicaid became more efficient by supplying additional health care for low income citizens.
Voting Rights Act of August,6, 1965 happened around this time. President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This is supposed to eliminate all literacy tests and other tests used locally and state governments that present disadvantage to African American

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