Free Society Essay : A Scholar Of German American English And One Of The Most Influential American Writers

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Free Society Essay
As a scholar of German-American english and one of the most influential American writers and prose stylists, H.L. Mencken observed human tendencies that can be translated into modern societies. He wrote “The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.” Today, in general freedom and safety come hand in hand, but when both are in jeopardy, only one will succumb. Freedom is attainable anywhere in the United States, there are considerable amounts of laws created to ensure these rights, which is the discrepancy between freedom and safety. In a contemporary society in which freedom is an accustomed right, the common man will unquestionably relinquish any number of these liberties in order to forge an already established sanctuary of security.
Looking through the average man’s point of view, the world today is one of peril, crisis and mass-destruction. This concept of the world is not unjustified; the media produces mass amounts of misrepresentational perspectives reinforced everyday to compose this notion of a predominantly dangerous world. Any contemporary media source’s number one hook is the hysteria generated from the potential, yet mostly improbable, threat of terrorism, crime and war. When analyzing just one company’s publishing 's, the New York Times produces on average two stories every single day about terrorism alone. Repetitional exposure to such an intimidating topic presented to you both cognizantly and unknowingly can blur…

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