Free Response Grading : Definition Of Core Periphery, Distance Decay And Child Migration

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Free Response Grading

Sample 1:
The student was asked to define core-periphery, distance-decay and child migration in part A. One point for each definition could have been awarded to the student. Sample 1 student did not receive a point for the definition of part A number one because the student solely focused on the financial well-being of specific countries rather than the unequal distribution of cultural, political and economic power. Spatial distribution should have been mentioned, a specific example of economical core-periphery does not substitute for the definition of core-periphery. The student was awarded 1 point for part A number two because she briefly explained the definition of distance-decay by writing in terms of migration. Farther away people are from a location, the less chance they will migrate there, the closer they are to a location, better chance they will migrate there. She supported her definition with an example that exhibits this. A person migrating from Colorado to a warmer climate will choose Arizona over Florida because of the closer distance. The student was rewarded the point for part A number three because she accurately displays the definition of chain migration by stating when a pattern arises from migration, more people will go to this location. She has an additional example which exhibits her knowledge of chain migration. The example says a couple moves to Mexica, then followed by family and then friend. She further adds to her definition…

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