Free Republics During Our History Essay

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There are no examples of free republics in our history. The republics of Greece and Rome were on a much smaller scale. Both of these republics extended their rule over large territories. As a result, their governments were changed. They no longer had free governments, but now tyrannical ones. I am in strong opposition to the Constitution, specifically, Articles One and Two. In the proposed Constitution the government possesses absolute power. I believe that it gives Congress too much power, it takes power away from local governments, it gives the President (Executive Branch) too much power, and the representation needs to be changed, just to name a few. The central government under the Articles of Confederation was too weak, but the one that that is laid out in the Constitution would be too strong. I do not see the point in throwing out the existing government. There are weaknesses to the government that we have now, but that should just be modified not changed altogether. If this Constitution were to be adopted, we would just be throwing out our rights and liberties that we just recently won from Britain. We did not fight in the American Revolution for nothing. We must stay away from any governments that will cause more harm than good, as this one will.
Article One of the Constitution talks about Congress. We are told that Congress is divided into two houses: The Senate and the House of Representatives. It tells us all of the powers that Congress has. It tells us things…

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