Free Public College Offers Benefits For The Economy Essay

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Third, free public college offers many benefits for the economy. First, state tax revenue will rise as a result of free public college. This will happen when the numbers of graduates increases. Due that increasing the number, wages will rise and the standard of living will increase and create a higher level of spending from college students. In the end, all that spending goes directly to the country’s economy and affects the state budget by increasing their income. Second, with free public education, college students could increase their income. So, when education is free, more people will become more likely to go to the university. As that happens, most college students will become intellectual and educated. As a result, when those college students’ graduates, they will get a higher paying job and that will support them to raise their individual growth economy in the future.
Fourth, free education in public college for student who are not reach will reduce the loans. There are a lot of student who earn money from the bank for their study. According to New York time article Debt- Free College is democrats new rallying cry,” if we are serious about wanting people pursue higher, we can not put them on the brink of bankruptcy every time they graduate “ said Sen. In fact, the education in the US is really expansive especially for the last 5 years. Describing the average student debt at individual colleges can also be misleading. While more expensive colleges tend to have higher…

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