Essay on Free Press And Its Impact On The United States

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Journalism shapes democracy with newspapers playing a crucial role in. In the 19th century, Britain’s newspapers were a luxury only the wealthy could afford and have access to. The United States thought differently, they believed “a free press, making information as widely available as possible, was regarded as a important pillar of the new democracy- so much so that it was enshrined in the Bill of Rights.” (Standage 172) President Jefferson believed a free press did more good than harm, “The attempts to curtail a press freedom in the 1790s and 1800s actually strengthened it, establishing the right to criticize the administration and supporting vigorous and lively political debates.” (Standage 172) This started to shape the newspaper industry. The Sun soon launched the penny paper, selling copies on the streets in New York. The convenience was that the public no longer needed to pay for yearly subscriptions, like other newspapers, but could now instead buy individual copies for only a penny. However, “The Sun’s broad appeal did not resist simply on its low price and easy availability. It was also the result of its down-to-eat coverage, with an emphasis on anecdotes, morality tales, crime reports, quirky news items, and human-interest stories designed to appeal to ordinary people. This was marked change from the usual newspaper fare of political stories and speeches, business items, and shipping news.” (Standage 174) This was the first “mass medium: mass-produced news for…

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