Free Now, Right Now Essay

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Right now, right now
Could I tell you right now?
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You smile at him sweetly.
“Why are you leaving so early?” He smiles back, but you can see an opposite emotion glinting in his eyes.
You’re not sure what, though.
“I have to get home on time or Youngjin will get mad.” You mumble to him, not trying to ruin the mood. “But it’s okay, I’m kinda tired, anyways.”
“It’s fine.”
You know it isn’t, so you flash him another smile, spreading your short arms out.
He rolls his eyes at you, a goofy smile on his face.
“I can’t believe the birthday boy is rejecting my hug, what did I do to you?” You pout at him.
He gives in, pulling you towards his chest and wrapping his arms around you.
He’s wearing a large jacket and it instantly heats your exposed skin.
You can smell the slight cologne he has on and it’s one of your favorites.
You don’t think you notice how long you’ve both been like that until a person clears their throat behind you.
You don’t look to see who it is, as you know he can see them from where he’s standing.
Instead, you look up at him as he looks at the person, who’s muttering that the person you’re embraced with has to come back to the party soon.
He nods, probably not listening before looking down at you.
He smiles and you rest your head back on his chest, before you attempt to unlace your hands.
He squeezes the one you’re trying to release even harder than before.
“I really have to go.” You tell him.
“No, you don’t.” He mumbles back. “He knows it’s…

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