Free Medicine And Medical Ethics Essay

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In the last several years, the physician-patient relationship has shifted dramatically from a less Hippocratic based paternalistic approach, to that of a relationship centered on respect for patient autonomy; this new approach integrated informed consent and shared decision making. Autonomy remains a much debated, but central idea in both western medicine and medical ethics. Autonomy for our purposes in medical ethics, can be defined as the right of competent adults to make informed decisions about their medical care. The debate ultimately surrounds what role patient autonomy should play in medicine. Some believe that patients should be seen as fully autonomous persons, as they know better than anyone else what is good or bad for them. While, some believe patients should still be free to make their own decisions regarding treatment, but sometimes it is better for others, mainly physicians, to make decisions on their behalf to serve the patients wellbeing. Others think autonomy should be limited to severe circumstance that affect the patient’s wellbeing, and some ascertain that autonomy should be unlimited unless it affects the wellbeing of others. Obviously, there is no right or wrong answer as to how patient autonomy should be viewed in the practice of medicine. For the purpose of this essay I will choosing the position that, as long as they are not hurting anyone, people should be free to do what they wish with their bodies.
As I have stated above, autonomy, is simply the…

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