Free Life : Live The Way We Want Essay examples

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Free Life: Live the Way We Want “I want to relax”, “I want this to be over”, or even “I want to sleep”. That’s what in our mind nowadays. We live such a busy life that even sleep sounds so luxurious. Why don’t live the life we want that we can relax, sleep and enjoy the joy of life? That what Barbara Kingsolver wonders on her essay, “Knowing Our Place”. In “Knowing Our Place” , she simply talks about the life she desires to live: a free, wild life. A life where she can freely follow her passion with hiding in a closet; a life where she can simply clear her mind and live the life where “no human artifact intrudes”(943). She states that we should know our places. We are spoiled by technology and we don’t know the way we want to live anymore. By the great talent, Kingsolver simply writes the essay so poetic but persuasive, so conversational but metaphorical about her desires to live with nature and the lesson can be learned throughout the entire essay: knowing our place “Knowing Our Place” is an amazing story about the author’s life. She simply tells the story about where she lives and her love for every single one of the nature phenomena. Kingsolver and her family live in a cabin at the end of Walker Mountain. Even though it seems to be tough and wild, Kingsolver and her family love that wildness. She loves from the rain, to the sun, from the trees, to the animals. Everything about nature is the love of her life. Nature is her place. Sometimes she walks to the mailbox or…

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