Free Labour And The Digital Era Essay

1927 Words Nov 14th, 2016 8 Pages
The term free labour presents commonly in the digital era. In Terranova’s (2004, p73) idea, it is an essential source of value in advanced capitalist societies which is not acknowledged yet. After Web2.0 gradually took the place of Web1.0, numerous digital industries were actively seeking and absorbing user-generated contents to satisfy their commercial needs which mainly contributed by free labourers. The collaboration between unpaid digital labour and digital industries further discovers new possibilities of human intelligence and this precious fruition facilitates the development of digital economy. And nowadays, social media platform is not the only playground for free labour now, creative culture industries and online retailers gradually get involved as well as they realize the inestimable potential of these unwaged labourers. Surely, the negative sides show up as there are always limitation and obstacles of free labour and will influence the whole game in long-run if people don’t envisage it. So this essay will explore principle features of free labour and how it collaborates with digital industries in the context of digital economy, also the challenges it faces to. Accompanied with the theories, examples of one of the most popular social media platforms, Pinterest and online retail shop Allsaints’ “#BIKERPORTRAIT” campaign will be used to further illustrate the idea of free labour.

Free labour is also defined as ‘unwaged labour’ (Brown,2013) as their results of…

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