Free From The Iron Grip Of Tyranny Essay

971 Words Sep 10th, 2015 4 Pages
It has been far too long that we have dealt with England and despite our attempts to come to a reasonable compromise, it is time to seek independence. We must form together and create our own nation, breaking free from the iron grip of tyranny. We have suffered oppression and have been taken advantage of. If we do not act now, our chance of success will only grow smaller. If you are undecided or even skeptical about this issue I can assure you that freedom is the answer. To break away from the country that has ruled us for so long is an idea some cannot wrap their minds around. This is why we must first come to terms with how we have suffered under England’s rule. For many the reason they came to this land was to escape the problems they were facing in England. Now it seems that new issues are creeping up on us all. Take the problem of unfair taxation for example. We try to make a living for ourselves only to be hindered by paying some sort of ridiculous tax for every move we make. They tax our paper, food, products, anything that they could possibly squeeze money out of. The Acts that enforce these taxes are as Barbour and Wright (2012, 73) states; “an infringement on [our] liberty and a violation of [our] rights not to be taxed without [our] consent.” Some might say that taxes are just a part of any government and fair for the whole population. This is not true in this situation. We are not given equal representation and we are even taxed unequally more so. This must stop…

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