Free Food Strategy

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Innovation from Google’s Free Food Strategy Many people would describe google as “the internet search engine giant” (Strickland) In fact, the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin say “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. It’s a website that “understands exactly what you mean, and gives you back exactly what you want” (Google Company). Google not only provides thousands of results that ones curiosity brings them to search, but it helps businesses grow, and create and improve new products like chrome, Gmail, and android. Google spends a lot on their employees. They believe that employees are one of the most important factors to the business. Most of the money goes towards …show more content…
Google shows much appreciation to their employees by providing them with a whimsical environment with many perks. Google campuses or, googleplexes, provides their workers with free food, free fitness classes and gym access, free rides to work if one lives off campus, maternity and paternity benefits, extended time off, the 80/20 rule, and plenty more (Smith). The most talked about employee service on the campus is the food. “If you work at the Googleplex, you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge” (Strickland). There are many different cafés found on the campus, and each one is unique. There are 11 different cafés scattered throughout the campus, along with 44 stations in between work areas filled with expensive snacks. Within these cafés and snack stations there are 200 different ethically recipes served in one day (Strickland). One can find foods from a variety of countries foods at these cafés. In fact, there is so much free food on the campus that there is such thing as the “Google 15”, which indicates how many pounds employees gain once they start eating the free of charge food (Strickland ,Smith). Although gaining more weight is a disadvantage, one advantage is not having to leave campus. This statement was made about the advantages of the free food “it saves me time and money, and helps me build relationships with my …show more content…
For example, there are so many different kinds of foods that come from different countries on campus it provides culture that spreads throughout the workplace. Eating foods that come from all over the world can help employees to learn and experience new cultures and views, it also can make the foreign employees feel more welcomed and at home. Another service that is very sufficient to providing innovation in the workplace is the option of tech support. There is a place on the campus called The TechStop that is open 24 hour seven days a week. In fact, “One of the employees likes the TechStop so much “because it’s just such a practical approach to solving the simple problems that get in the way, for example if you forgot your laptop power supply – go get another.””(Smith). A service that really fosters creativity in the workplace is the felling of employees feeling like they are living in the future. Employees get to use products to complete projects for the company that haven’t even been released to the public yet. An employee stated “I’ve used phones, tablets, and Chromebooks before they went on sale. It’s fun. I get a sneak peek at the future, and if I give good feedback or get even more involved, I can shape it as well” (Smith). Being able to shape the future can make the employees want to be more

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