Free Essay : Free The Nipple

1550 Words Mar 28th, 2015 7 Pages
Free the Nipple, one of the many campaigns fighting for women equality, oppression and empowerment. The ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign has even produced a film in 2014 inspired by true events in New York. It is based around informing people of the movement to let women have a voice and express how they are being mistreated in everyday situations. It is just one of the many campaigns out there helping to make the world a better place for everyone. Free the Nipple, now not only seen as a movement, but as an advocacy and a way to publicly support the wellbeing of anyone facing gender inequality.This research report will explore the multiple ways our media-dominated society has contradicted the female body over and over again while getting away with it. Where women all over the world, especially in third world countries are getting beaten, killed and taken to jail for the many reasons. All women want is a balanced system of legal rights, is that too much to ask?

Women’s equality, this is an important issue to address because otherwise people will just rely on others to bring out legal, economic and cultural change. To improve and respect the wellbeing of women all around the world. “Gender inequality remains a major barrier to human development.” ( We need more people to contribute and reassure people to stand for themselves and not listen to the typical stereotypes floating around. The media is the messenger for our…

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