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Marco’s Restaurant Problem Solving Report
1. Current Business Status
Marcro’s restaurant business in recent years is not as satisfactory as before. Its monthly net profit fell dramatically form £3,500 to £50 between 1994 and 2005. What is worse, starting form 2006 , the restaurant has been suffering negative profits from -£200 to -£50 in 2009. As the poor situation described above, Marcro’s restaurant may face bankruptcy in next half a year. In order to return the company back to be profitable, effective actions must be taken immediately.

In this report, Measures are proposed based on the problems the restaurant has currently in different aspects which are: costing, menu, opening hours, staffing kitchen customer service, restaurant
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At the same time, accurately calculate amounts of ingredients needed everyday before purchasing to avoid unnecessary wastage.

2.2 Opening Hours and Staffing
Current problems: ➢ The restaurant is staying open from morning until midnight. However, breakfast and lunch takings are experiencing a significant decline while the restaurant is still presenting the same large menu both at lunch and dinner.
This has caused a lot of wastage of ingredients during lunchtime. ➢ Inappropriate staffing is another serious issue. Usually, it is overstaffed during the day while understaffed in the evening. It can lead to unnecessary staffing costs during daytime. At dinner, poor service or delay of food serving could happen. ➢ Using family members or friends as waiting and kitchen staff can cause big mistake, since they are not trained properly and not professional enough to serve customers or prepare food. Mistakes like poor service may happen which will dispute the restaurant’s reputation.

Suggested actions: ➢ The restaurant can just open in the evening and combine morning, lunch and evening shift staff together to serve dinner. In this case, there is no need to use family members or friends and there will be more time to prepare everything perfectly. It can be a selling point to attract customers just coming for dinner. ➢ If the restaurant will still open from morning till midnight, there are a few adjustments it needs to make:

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