Free Darkness - Original Writing Essay

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Everything was so blurry when Cadence awoke.

All around her were countless blobs of indistinguishable colours, mixing and meshing and colliding in every direction—all of them so bright, yet concurrently seeming to be delved into absolute darkness, making the phenomenon intensely weird.

An immense pressure bore down on Cadence’s head as she slowly awoke from her unconsciousness, the last fragments of her most recent memories gradually fading away from her mind. As she sat up, reality slowly sunk in, and she found herself awake. Dim light shafted through the distant ceilings, and her eyes seared as if they were being used for the first time. She raised a hoof to block out some of the light, but it was in vain.

Eventually her eyes adjusted to said light.

She found herself in a crystal cave, similar to the one where she was kept prisoner by Chrysalis, but she couldn’t reason why. “Hmm,” Cadence said to herself, while pursing her lips. “Where am I? Why am I here? What happened before I got here?”

Cadence’s nebulous mind tried to make sense of everything, but it was as fruitless as expecting harvest after a prolonged drought. Thoughts of all sorts channeled through her mind, yet not a single one could insinuate the slightest hint as to why she was here, since they were all illogical and amorphous; but they were far from incoherent.

Fragments of recollections belled out in her head, but they were still too blurry to distinguish, so she focused by closing her eyes and tried…

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