Free Community College : The Pathway For A Better Future? Essay

1060 Words Nov 29th, 2015 null Page
Free Community College “The pathway for a better future?”
Community college has always been a great option for many people who would like to continue going to school after graduating high school or after a long break from not going to school only to pursue a secondary education. Even though college education has been around for a great amount of time there was to be a great amount of people that have never come to mind why college education is something very important to have some experience to have especially in a time like this. While today there are people who still don’t understand that college education is not every affordable for students that have to pay for their institution or tuition. Then those students have to take out loans in which sometime they cannot pay it back. Let’s just say that on average community college can cost some were around 3,000 dollars for the tuition then plus the text books students need for the class. That’s were people don’t think that this is something that could probably happing every year in which the students have no other chose then to drop out of college just to go find a job to be paying those students loans. That’s where it could come to people mind if there would be such thing of free community college will there people that would take the opportunity of it o would it just be a waste of money for our county? But come to think about it community college should be free of charge because students would not take out loans which they…

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