Free Community College Can Lead The Country Of Economic Downfall

810 Words Sep 17th, 2015 4 Pages
Free community college could lead the country to economic downfall. The “free” deal proposed seems to be far pricier than realized. The idea of free is beautiful. It grabs your attention; whether you are speaking of anything from a coupon to college. Free in theory is a great, but when free comes along with a lower quality of education, pay cuts, an unfixed student dropout rate, and many other issues is it truly free? President Obama stated in an article he wants to bring down the cost of community college, and one day possibly make obtaining your associates degree a free ride. If a free ride actually means an expenditure of more than sixty billion dollars over the next ten years it is not such a beautiful idea. Many people believe that if the availability of college was increased in turn the number of well-educated people, and quality education would also. They feel that community colleges that become free will be what students need to get a jump start on their career. Unfortunately, not taken into consideration was that each college must rely on the federal government for seventy-five percent of its income. If this plan goes as well as many expect multiple new community colleges would be built. This would stretch the government’s wallet to its limits, and each college, each college professor, and each college student would have less money spent on them. Quality of education would drop from resources being spread too thin, professors would leave their respective colleges…

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