Essay about Free College Vs. The Public Eye

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“Free college tuition” has been given a voice and considered more than ever in the U.S. this year, 2016. Today, it has become a frequent focal point for politicians and citizens alike. The particulars surrounding the general theme have become increasingly disputed and widely debated among critics and advocates. Supporters have also achieved national recognition, which has put this issue in the public eye. In the wake of the presidential election campaigns this year, we can look to the political stage to find democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton spearheading the national debates regarding free tuition.

The term “free college” is a relatively broad one, and is often thrown out in casual conversation without proper knowledge of the facts. Depending on whom you ask or what sources you evaluate, there are varying definitions for what free college actually means. Certain countries and schools have been providing free college programs for some time now. For example, European countries, such as Finland and Germany, provide two of the best examples for relatively free tuition universities. Finland offers free tuition for most of its universities’ degree programs, but will be imposing fees for students outside of the European Union as of this year ( Studying in Finland ). West German universities have offered some form of free tuition incentive since 1970/71, due to a shift in political party ( Kehm ). After more substantial government recognition…

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