Free College Tuition Should Be Enforced Essay

1338 Words Nov 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Free Education For All Free college tuition should be enforced in America for the following reasons: academically talented students are unable to afford college tuition, college tuition puts students in student loan debt, and twelve years of education is not enough to fully prepare them for the workforce. There are always two sides to an argument, some who believe in free college education and some who do not. There may be dozens of scholarships out there, but that does not guarantee that there will not be student loan debt. “At private schools, the bill -- not counting any aid-- runs $ 35,636 per year, up 4.3 percent in a year,” (Billitteri 13). As tuition and fees continue to get higher, scholarships will be more challenging to achieve, and the student will have to get multiple student loans to cover it. “Tuition and fees at public colleges soared a record 14 percent this year, continuing a quarter-century trend of higher-education prices rocketing faster than inflation,” (Price 3). It is true that the government has not always funded the children through the twelfth grade, but times have changed, (Kingsley 16). Some would argue that students can get apply for a loan or financial aid to pay for college. Education is not free now does not mean that students are prohibited from entering a college or university for a higher education. According to an article, “Many scholarships available in colleges are available in colleges across the country to assist low-income…

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