Free Agent Linebacker For The Buffalo Bills Essay

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A.J Tarpley, a 23-year-old undrafted free agent linebacker for the Buffalo Bills, intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick to win the game and keep the New York Jets from making the playoffs. Little did he know that biggest play of his young career would be his last. Two weeks ago Tarpley announced his retirement because of concussions. He had suffered his third and fourth concussions last season while playing in only fourteen games. His third concussion occurred during training camp last summer, when he was trying to make the team. He didn’t tell anyone about it because if he did they would make him sit out of a portion of training camp and possibly cause him to not make the team. On October 5th while the Bills were playing the Jaguars in London Tarpley suffered his fourth concussion. His teammate accidentally hit Tarpley in the temple with his helmet. Tarpley automatically felt the effects of the blow and ended up messing up on the next play. His coaches pulled him from the game and he made up an excuse about how he had just made a mistake. After that he went back on the field because the Jaguars were about to score. He had tunnel vision and a horrible headache and somehow played the next four plays and helped his team stop the Jaguars from scoring. He pulled himself from the game after that and sat in the locker room and watched the game on tv. After his fourth concussion he started to think about his health and life after football. What exactly is a concussion? The Mayo Clinic…

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