Fredrick Baer Death Penalty Case Study

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There’s a saying to never judge someone by their past mistakes but to look at their actions now, and so forth. I don’t believe in that for killers. Yes, they probably feel awful about it now that their victim is no longer alive, but it was their choice to do it. Fredrick Baer could have had a mental disease, could have. Nonetheless, he was withdrawing off meth which means he was a drug addict. I believe you can mitigate a ticket or a gross misdemeanor to a misdemeanor. With homicide is a different question, it was still their choice to do it. His intent was to rape the mother, yet he ended up killing her. If you had a rough past and they couldn’t change from the start they shouldn’t get a lighter sentence for homicide. Fred says that he first started out stealing, he could have stopped but he kept doing it. Stealing bigger items causing him to have a rush of adrenaline, maybe the intent of rape was that same rush but killing was an even better rush. A lot of people have a bad home life, I personally know someone down my street whose father left him, mother is an addict, his …show more content…
Most inmates serve 20 years on death row, sometimes to investigate if they are innocent. Yet for Mr. Baer I do not believe he should appeal to not be put to death. What he did was wrong and just because he feels guilty about it he should not mitigate it. It's the justice the Clark family deserves. Even though it's going to take years for Fred to be put to death, I believe it should happen within a year after the appeal. Inmates like Baer should not have to wait we need to end it right then and there, to make a statement. It may not be humane like many will say, but what they did wasn’t humane. Fredrick said it best, that four year old was just starting her life and he ended it. So why should we have him wait for his life to end if he ended hers within minutes of speaking with

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