Frederick The Wise And Luther 's Success Essay

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Whist Frederick the Wise protects Luther, Fredrick never publicly supports Luther’s ideas therefore Luther’s success cannot be owed to Fredrick. Instead Luther’s success is owed to improved communications at the time, nationalism in Germany, Luther’s ideas themselves being popular and the lack of response from the Pope and the Emperor

Frederick the wise was sympathetic to Luther and aided him as much as possible without directly incriminating himself, because of this Luther had to rely on other ways of making his ideas known. One of the ways that helped Luther to achieve success was the improved communications of the time. The printing press enabled Luther’s ideas to spread further and fast than thought was possible at the time. This was because the printing press could produce a thousand books in the same time that it took a scribe to write one, this meant that Luther’s ideas were more readily available for people to read and a greater number of people could read them. This then meant that Luther’s ideas increased in popularity, which in turn helped to secure his safety. The output from the printing press was extremely large, between 1517 and 1520 approximately 300,000 copies of Luther’s works were printed and Luther’s Ninety-five Theses only took two weeks to get across Germany. Frederick’s
Private support for Luther was insignificant compared to the support Luther received from the use of the printing press. Through new means of communication, Luther’s ideas were able…

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