Frederick Douglass 's Life Of Freedom Essay

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Frederick Douglass was a slave that was able to educate himself and eventually escape to the North to freedom. In the book, Douglass describes his journey to freedom after many moves and changes in his life. The book brings to light many of the hardships included in the lives of slaves. A contrast throughout the book is the common practice of slave owners keeping slaves in the dark about major concepts, like reading, writing, and political issues, while education can lead to freedom for many slaves. Douglass survives the ebb and flow of slavery and is able to escape the miserable lifestyle as an adult.

Frederick Douglass is unaware of his actual birth date because slave owners often kept this information from their slaves. Douglass’s mother was a slave and his father was most likely his mother’s master, Captain Anthony. Douglass’s mother’s name was Harriet Bailey, and the two were separated when Douglass was very young. Douglass mentions that the wife of Captain Anthony gave him an especially hard time because he was fathered by her husband. Colonel Lloyd was the actual owner of the slaves that Captain Anthony oversaw. Lloyd owned hundreds of slaves and lived on a plantation known as “The Great House Farm.” Lloyd was a typical southern slave owner in that the conditions for his slaves were less than mediocre. Slaves often had little food, little clothing, and lacked basic commodities like beds and shelter.

Slavery in the south consisted of harsh conditions that…

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