Frederick Douglass 's His Own Book Essay

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Frederick Douglass was the author of his own book, a book about his slavery life. Frederick was born in into slavery in Talbot County, Maryland. He didn’t know exactly the year when he was born all he knew is that it was between the year 1817 and 1818. As a little boy he was sent to work in a house as a servant. His master’s wife though him how to read and write. In the year of 1838 he escaped from slavery and traveled to New York. In his new life he married and lady name Anna Murray a free colored woman, which he met in Baltimore. Douglas was born with a very long name during slavery his name was Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey soon after he was married he changed his name to Frederick Douglass. In 1841 he made a speech in a convention of Massachusetts an Anti-Slavery society in Nantucket, he greatly captivated the group and they instantly gave him a job as an agent. He was such a great orator that many people did not believe that he was once a slave. That was one of the reasons he wrote Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass. Another great thing he did is he assisted as a recruiter in Massachusetts during the Civil War of colored mans. When the Civil War ended he didn’t take a break on protecting and securing the right of the freeman. He also was the secretary of Santo Domingo Commission, a recorder in Colombia, and United States Minister in Haiti. Douglass knew that his father was his master, after his mother separated from him. Douglass a young kind went and…

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