Frederick Douglass 's Freedom And Justice Essay

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Frederick Douglass only wants freedom and justice for himself and for those in slavery. He transforms the way people should understand slavery. He manages to vindicate the freedom of those in slavery. While other African-Americans could not insist, he escalates to assert African-American slavery. Thus, Frederick Douglass becomes a heroic slave because of his courage and his achievement of freedom from slavery through his strength of character and education. Frederick Douglass displays himself as a hero through courage in his autobiography. He refuses to accept anything less than his own physical, spiritual, and intellectual freedom. According to John Cannon Few, the first acts of courage in Douglass’ life is teaching other slaves to read the New Testament with over forty people attending his classes. However, his master retaliates against his courage by sending him to another owner (Mr. Covey) who has a reputation for breaking courageous slaves. Suddenly during his time with Mr. Covey, Douglass fights back because of this “spirit” that came to him. The spirit gave him courage. He produces it by opposing the effects of slavery and yearns for freedom. After his altercation with Mr. Covey, Douglass senses that everything was a “glorious resurrection, from the tomb of slavery, to the heaven of freedom”. That “spirit” possessed him and expelled his cowardice. His altercation with Mr. Covey is a contingency throughout his poem, not only in his career as a slave,…

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