Essay about Frederick Douglass 's A Slave

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The year is 1834, as the hot sun beams down on your freshly stricken back, sweat drips down your spine, joined by the blood that spills from your open wounds. In the distance, you can hear the crack of a whip breaking the sound barrier, followed by the horrid screams of your spouse, friend, or family member, as it lays into their bare naked body. Knowing there’s nothing you can do, you hang your head in sorrow and continue on with your daily routine. Unfortunately, this is a life many African Americans had to endure in the country we call home today. Many slaves would accept this way of life until the day they died, but few would strive for change and do anything to make freedom a reality. Frederick Douglass was one of those few slaves that fought for his freedom, became literate, and would not let anything stand in his way. That is why Frederick Douglass’s experience as a slave was different compared to the average slave in the South. Frederick Douglass, from a young age, became interested in reading and writing. Throughout his childhood and into his teens, Douglass was fascinated by the letters of the alphabet. He did all he could to learn how to read and write them. His learning to read and write began when he was sent to Baltimore, for the first time, to live with Mr. and Mrs. Auld (Douglass, 20). Soon after Douglass arrived to the Auld’s house, the mistress began teaching him to read, but his master was not too fond of him becoming literate. At the Auld’s…

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