Frederick Douglass Was A True American Hero Essay

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Frederick Douglass was a profoundly influential man during his time. He was a pioneer in the abolitionist movement, even serving as an advisor to the president of the United States. Without his efforts, the United States of America would likely be a very different place than it is today. Douglass faced many struggles throughout his life when standing up for his beliefs. Even when facing these hindrances, he did not lose faith and continued to fight for what he knew was right. Frederick Douglass was a true American hero. Douglass lived quite an interesting life as a slave. He was born without knowing his father, who very possibly could have actually been his slave owner. It was common for slave owners to force themselves onto their slaves during those times. Luckily he was assigned to work in the house of the plantation owner. Working in the home was a substantially easier assignment than working in the field harvesting crops. During this time, he held a weekly church gathering where he taught other slaves how to read and interpret the Old Testament. Neighboring slave owners quickly grew weary of this and dispersed this gathering permanently. He also faced the challenges of an abusive master. At the age of 16 he was made to work for a man by the name of Edward Covey, who nearly beat him to death on multiple occasions. Frederick fought back during a beating and won, and Covey never tried to hurt him again. Frederick fighting back at time time would be worthy of death,…

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