Frederick Douglass Reflection Essay

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Looking back on what I have read, there are many facts that truly surprise me. For starters, The fact that Frederick’s father is white is astounding. It showed how a man who would normally have parental bonds with his child never announces that he is indeed the father due to the standards of society. Frederick was not the only slave born from masters, there were thousands of them. These men thought that colored people were not actually considered humans, but instead livestock. This meant to them that they believed they could dehumanize someone by raping and beating them, and it would mean nothing to them a few moments after the act was committed. It would not be a surprise if I found out that this man has also fathered more slaves. This shows …show more content…
Through the words of Frederick Douglass I was able to experience the hardships he has gone through and understand the world that he lived in. Even though he was a runaway slave, he was determined to publish this book even if it meant the possibility of him getting recaptured, and for that I must commemorate him and his actions. That being said, this chapter was definitely eye-opening. I was surprised by the fact that Frederick refused to give information about how he was freed and the details of his escape. I understand that he did not desire for the people who helped him to get in trouble and I respect him for that, but it would have been interesting to know how he escaped from Maryland. It can be presumed that he was helped by the Underground Railroad, but we may never know. I am now wondering if he believes that the slave owners deserve action put against them. What I mean is that he knows that slavery corrupts the minds of people as we see with Sophia Auld. It would be interesting to know if he still has “hard feelings” on the people who he enountered on his journey. With the completion of the book, I am now left wondering “how did the writing of Frederick Douglass affect freed slaves” and “How did The Bible become a tool for slave owners and masters to become cruel and cold to their

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