Frederick Douglass Paper

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1.A In February of 1818, Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey was born in Talbot County, Maryland. He was born in his grandmother’s cabin, along Tuckahoe creek, to his mother Harriet Bailey. 1.B Harriet Bailey was a slave therefore when she gave birth to her child he also became a slave. Frederick’s mother was an African American while his father’s name was never known it was a known fact that he was a white man. Due to his 2. white father, black mother, and the American Indian he had from his grandmother, he was in fact a mulatto. As a child it was rumored that Frederick’s master was also his father. This was very common back then for the masters to satisfy themselves through their slaves. Children that were fathered by their owner were …show more content…
Frederick had no family ties to where he was living. When Frederick arrived he was shocked at the kindness of his new mistress. Sophia Auld was different than other white ladies, she was kind and gentle. As time went on however, Miss Sophia turned mean like the others, 7. “this kind heart had but a short time to remain such. The fatal poison of irresponsible power was already in her hands, and soon commenced its infernal work.” (63). With the illegal help of Miss Sophia, Frederick 8.B began learning to read. Mrs. Auld began teaching Frederick the ABC’s before she was caught by her husband. With this new knowledge Frederick taught himself to read as much as possible. Frederick also had the sense to convince the younger white boys to teach him to read while he was on his errands. Frederick taught himself to write by paying close attention to the letters on the timber at the ship-yard. After he would learn these letters he would challenge a young white boy of who could write more letters and he would copy what they wrote. Also, when Miss Sophia would go to town he would use her sons used copy books from school and write in them. With these things, chalk, and the wall Frederick taught himself to write. Mr. Auld became very angry with his wife when he learned that she was teaching him to read. Teaching a slave to read was highly frowned upon because the white men wanted the slaves to stay mentally in the dark. Mr. Auld thought that if Frederick was taught to read he

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