Essay on Frederick Douglass Feelings About His Mistress

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Fantazshia Williams English 119 April 11, 2013

Frederick Douglass Experience

Douglass shows in his writing that he truly does care for his mistress, but is upset with her. Frederick really does care about her, but upset because he is turning into a monster. First, he talks about her in a good way; also he describes how she treats him like a human at first; finally his mistress becomes violent and a monster, which made him more determined to read. First, Douglass talks about his mistress in a good way. In the beginning of his writing he says she is a kind tender-hearted woman. He says she was a pious, warm, and tender-hearted woman. Frederick explained how that was
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When Douglass was sent out on errands, he would always take a book with him. Within that time he found time to get a lesson before his return. The bread that was in the house he took it with him to give to the little boys or urchins as he called them, in return for knowledge. He sought out help somewhere else and he does not mention anyone’s name. He tells everything about his mistress and what she did

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