Frederick Douglass : An Effective Argument Against Slavery Essays

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“Learning to Read and Write”, by renown Frederick Douglass, makes an effective argument against slavery by using pathos to appeal to the reader 's emotion. The document explained from his point of view, that he was treated “perfectly” fine as a house slave before slavery came into full effect. He also expounds on the fact, once slavery was fully effective, his mistress, Mrs.Hugh, changed for the worse toward him. In the text it states,“Unders it’s influence, the tender heart became stone, and the lamblike disposition gave way to one of tiger-like fierceness.” Creating visuals using animals is the author’s way of demonstrating who his mistress was before slavery had been enforced and the person she had swiftly become after. This text uses a magnitude of pathos to make the audience feel as he did in that time period.

Slavery is the root of the evil that was demonstrated during the 1800’s that transformed so called regular master to slave relationships to cruel and unusual treatment; was the main idea that advances in, “Learning to Read and Write”. The subject matter of the chapter is slavery affected something as simple as a slave learning to read and write was viewed, although slaves were not viewed as humans at the time, some slave masters treated them as humans without the actual title of one.Douglass writes, “Nothing seemed to make her more angry than to see me with a newspaper. She seemed to think that here lay the danger. I have had her rush at me with a face made all…

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