Frederick Douglas 's ' The Narrative ' And ' Land Of The Free '

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Upon reading “The Narrative,” I was embedded with the many horrid stories Frederick Douglas had expressed in his powerful novel of his journey as a slave. Never would I have imagined the many cruel punishments many African Americans had gone through in the 1800’s based on their race; it was inhumane, cruel, and sinful. As I saw the life of slavery thorough the eyes of Frederick Douglas, I was able to comprehend why he took brave action in making a change towards the corrupt society of the so called, “land of the free.”
Frederick Douglas can be described as a brave intelligent slave who overcame the hardships many others were not able to overcome. He used that freedom to accomplish his main goal, which was to educate people about what slavery truly was in the hopes of gaining abolition towards this inhumane practice by publishing his personal autobiography, “The Narrative.” Once a free man, he was able to witness the many advantages a white person had that was not equally distributed among the nation like working for oneself, owning property, and not being tormented with negative remarks due to race. Douglas was able to see both perspectives of whites and African Americans. After the publication of his book, many eventually saw him as the best known abolitionist of the country. Not only did he describe in his book his experience with slavery, but encouraged many whites to question what freedom really was. He was able to give speeches around the nation supporting the abolition…

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