Frederick Douglas 's Reading And Write Essay

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1. Frederick Douglas in “Learning to Read and Write” is a slave who has no privilege to have education. He mentioned different ways to educate himself how to read and write. He first learns his alphabet from his Mistress, the slaves master wife, though it was prohibited. However, the Mistress stopped from teaching him how to write because of the racial inequality of that time. That didn’t stop Douglas from finding a way to learn. He then copies the letters written on the wood in the lumber yard and memorizes them every time he goes. Another method he used is to challenge his “white” friend to write. He would compare his writing to his “white” friend’s writing so he could get an idea on how to write better and have a good source to learn from. The other way Frederick Douglas does to teach himself to read and write is he would secretly look and copy the master’s child writing book while they’re gone so he may learn more.
2. In the passage, the Mistress undergoes a “learning” process. She learns “that education and slavery were incompatible with each other” (Douglas, 101). This thinking affected Frederick Douglas learning to read and write, because it is the reason the Mistress stopped from teaching him. Douglas remembers that the Mistress handles the slaves more violent than her husband.
3. Frederick Douglas and Malcolm X show some similarity on their search to learn how to read. One of the highlighted resemblance they have is they educate themselves to read secretly, for the…

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