Frederick Douglas, An American Orator, Writer, Abolitionist, And Former Slave

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Frederick Douglas was an American orator, writer, abolitionist, and former slave. Born sometime around 1818 in Talbot County, Maryland Frederick was born into slavery and spent the first twenty years of his life enslaved before escaping in 1938( As a slave Frederick Douglass had many experiences both atypical and typical for a Southern slave. The typical experiences for a slave that he went through were having a typical slave childhood, His fate was left to the complete discretion of his owner, No matter what he accomplished, he was still just considered a slave, Moreover, he witnessed and experienced cruelty and mistreatment. His life was atypical in that he was taught how to read and write this empowered him to learn how to use the system to his advantage, Mr. Douglass believed that being a mulatto also made him different as a slave. It set him apart and was a reminder of sexual exploitation and of the abusive treatment towards woman and their children... His life experiences lead him to being able to concoct a plan to flee and he unlike most slaves escape slavery.
Mr. Douglass had many experiences during his time enslaved that would have been typical for a Southern slave. His early childhood was like most Southern slaves in multiple ways. The master and slave relationship was designed to make slaves feel Pg. 74 “… broken in body, mind and spirit.” Like all slaves, Mr. Douglass and his fellow slaves Pg. 58 “were all ranked…

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