Frederick Douglas : A Man Of Man And Growing Up As A Slave Essay

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Frederick Douglas as a young boy living and growing up as a slave carried many different personalities with him through his years. He was known to be very curious, aware, intuitive, passionate and rebellious. All the characteristics were derived to him by his passion of learning and taking on the ability to become educated. A slave is not allowed to be educated during that time but Douglas proved the value of education and its worth. Douglass implications were that to be better in the world and to see the world broader you must have an education. Douglas had a belief system on education that it will shape him into becoming a better human being and leave the trapped soul that he has of being a slave. Getting an education in any way possible will shape one to become more intellectual and aware of the world. Being a slave and getting the education you deserve is quite difficult especially when you want to prove the world wrong. Douglas had a very hard time getting the education that he wanted. He went out his way to prove to himself and the world that a slave to can get an education and not be treated as if they were animals in a barn. He wanted to let the world know that he can be smart like everyone else and that the whites aren’t the only privileged ones, so he took every possible ways he can get educated and made it work. . “The plan I adopted, and the one by which I was most successful, was that of making friends of all the little white boys whom I met in the street. As…

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