Frederick Bailey's Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass?

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Frederick Bailey, now referred to as Frederick Douglass is my grandson. He wrote a narrative of his life in 1845, discussing what life was like as an American slave. Within the personal narrative, Douglass expressed life from his perspective and from what he believed it to be. He also described his lack of knowledge about his background, stating that he didn’t actually know his birthday, age, nor father. In addition, Frederick had never had a real relationship with his mother and he was around ten when she died. Seeming as though Frederick had no tangible relationship with his mother or father, he developed a relationship with me, his grandmother. I thing I can say about Frederick is that he was always curious about things. After a while, Douglass …show more content…
Many people learned about my relationship with Frederick within his narrative, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave”. Many also learned from the narrative that Frederick initially lived with me, due to the fact that his mother was taken away from him as an infant. His mother became pregnant and gave birth to him, but unfortunately she was denied the right to raise him herself. As a result, Frederick lacked that tangible comfort of his mother as a child, after all, this was something that was normal in slave life. There were many situations when mothers could not raise their own born. Suddenly, I remember there were nights when Frederick’s mother would visit him while it was dark or while he was sleeping, therefore Frederick only remembers her in those dark moments. In fact, in his narrative, he spoke about not being able to see his mother in the light of day, which is accurate. After living with me for a short period, Frederick was chosen to live on a plantation with slave owners. Frederick lived on the plantation for about ten years. Growing up, Frederick was very intrigued by his surroundings and the things he witnessed as a child. Since he was born into slavery, he knew nothing other than what he saw, until he got a chance to move to the city. Frederick received the opportunity to live in the city with the Auld’s, where he began to read. Frederick was thrilled by this experience and it changed Frederick’s life. While in the city, Mrs. Sophia Auld began to teach him his alphabet, then at some point, her husband demanded that she no longer did such a thing. Anyhow, Frederick continued to seek help from white children in the city and begin to teach himself to read. Honestly, what really made Frederick learn the true conditions as a slave was when he begin to read. After that point, Frederick developed a perspective which lead to him to oppose slavery. Since my grandson grew to have

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