Frederic Henry 's Attitude Towards The War Essay

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Frederic Henry had major changes throughout the novel. His attitude towards the war, Catherine, and friends had all changed significantly. One could argue that he didn’t pay much mind towards the war he involved himself in at first, but once he did, he became less enthusiastic about it as he became more aware. Eventually, he started to care more about a woman with whom he became increasingly interested in. His feelings towards the war and his feelings towards Catharine had a negative correlation. The more he cared about Catherine, the less he cared about the war. Henry had a friend, Rinaldi, who remained good friends with Henry throughout the book. Although they were best friends their relationship still changed. All friendships Henry was involved in changed whether they died or left him. Either way, Henry did show that any had a lasting effect on him. What ended up mattering most was Catherine. The goal of this paper is to elucidate these changes within Henry and those with whom he had relationships with. Concerning the war, Henry’s casual, careless attitude deteriorated throughout. In Book I, it’s apparent that he doesn’t care much about the war. He is just having some drinks and a good laugh with Rinaldi and other friends (Hemingway 39). Henry mentions that he himself does not have a reason to be involved with the war, he just is (Hemingway _). But as time went on, he was disillusioned which means he was struck by reality and disappointment when he realized the war was…

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