`` Freaks, Geeks, And Asperger Syndrome ' Essay

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Not being able to understand someone leads to Autistic children avoiding social interaction, however this leads to negative effects as well.
A lack of social interaction does not give children the socialization that they need to develop. Children with Autism have trouble understanding society and their peers. This impacts their cognitive abilities and brain development. The book “Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger’s Syndrome” is written by Luke Jackson, a thirteen year old boy who has Asperger’s Syndrome who describes his experience with the disorder. In his case, he said that staying quiet and isolated only increased the effects of the disorder. Isolation becomes a continuous cycle of being alone that can be hard to get out of. Also in the book it mentions how social interactions between children with ASD and typically functioning children can be difficult because most children do not fully understand the disorder (Jackson 2002). This reiterates how important it is for children with Autism to not isolate themselves from tough situations, but to try and go outside of themselves and grow.
These three main difficulties present in children with ASD are the keys to understanding the disorder and where the challenges stem from. These three difficulties: resistance to change, trouble communicating, and avoidance of social interaction cause a domino effect to occur in children. These three simple problems cause other social, psychological, physiological, and cognitive things to occur in…

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