Freak Show Ad Analysis

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Analyzing the “Freak Show” Reebok’s Be More Human Ad Campaign
Reebok’s television advertisement “Freak Show” begins with people doing various CrossFit recreational exercises such as flipping tires, running through mud, and climbing ropes while a voice over talks about being obsessive, fanatical, extreme, and crazy. Workout music plays in the background as well. It shows both mean and women around the age of 30. “Freak Show” isn’t just selling a shoe: the company wants us to believe that it’s also selling hard work, determination, courage, strength, and a sense of security. Throughout the advertisement, Reebok’s partnership with CrossFit is evident. In a few of the commercial’s scenes, we see CrossFit activities and gyms featured. There are
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CrossFit also wasn’t as known at the time and didn’t have a way to promote themselves. The partnership benefited both companies in combined advertising and brand association. Brand association here meaning when people think CrossFit they’ll also think Reebok or vice versa. Another reason for this is because the popular big league athletes that are usually used to promote sporty brands are expensive to have on commercials and every other company is doing it. Using a popular athlete wouldn’t “break through the clutter.” It would only target a limited audience because not everyone likes the main sports such as baseball, football, and basketball or even knows who these players are. These sports also do not include a huge majority of potential buyers, women. CrossFit isn’t a sport; it is a fitness program for anyone looking for a challenging workout routine. In the ad we see both men and women around the ages of twenty to about thirty. This is its target audience. Reebok is marketing to people who are already into sports or working out, but Reebok is subtlety claiming that its costumers will work harder and do better is they buy this brand of shoe. Going back to the people featured in the commercial, they obliviously have been working out for a while because they are doing complicated routines and are noticeably fit. They are, supposedly, the ideal body type and the …show more content…
This advertisement did come up with some interesting thoughts and topics. It even nodded at athletes who are disabled. This is shown in a scene where we see a swimmer doing really well and it cuts to where he is in the locker room and in a wheelchair. This shows they acknowledge that not all athletes have the same strengths. This also gives the commercial a bit of diversity to it and I think that really makes it stand out to a larger group of people of different

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