Fraternities : Professional Fraternities And Honor Societies Essay

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Fraternities have had a “long, dark history of violence against their own members and visitors to their houses, which makes them in many respects odds with the core mission of the college itself”(Flanagan, Article,174). Fraternities are known as a social organization at universities as well as colleges. There are two types of fraternities: Professional Fraternities and Honor Societies. Traditional Fraternities are still in action as of today. There’s a variety of traditional fraternities like: Iota Phi Theta, Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Rho Eta, Sigma Theta Phi,etc. Fraternities which are publicly popular is known as “social fraternities”. Many of the social fraternities are known for their parties and attire. These social Fraternities are the Que’s, Kappas, Iotas, and Sigma’s. Every Fraternity has codes, but surprisingly, they all have three things in common. All of the Fraternity have rules of secrecy, rushing and pledging. Rushing is the process of recruitment and pledging is a solemn promise for specific actions. Fraternities can either be beneficial or hell, but it significantly depends on your own personal experience. “Many more thousands of American men count their fraternity experience-and the friendships made within it-as among the most valuable in their lives”(Flanagan, Article,174). The fraternity system was created in 1750 in North America, however, Greek organizations were founded years later. Caitlin Flanagan, the author of “The Dark Power Of…

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