Essay on Franz Kafka 's The Metamorphosis

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The feeling of isolation and abandonment from the outside world ultimately leads to one’s seclusion from modern society. In the short story, The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka, the emotional detachment between Gregor Samsa and his family result in the gradual rejection of Gregor when he turns into a bug. Furthermore, the alienation caused by Gregor’s metamorphosis can be seen by the reader as an adjunct to the estrangement he already felt as a person when working in a capitalist society. Mr. Samsa, Mrs. Samsa, and Grete, all play significant roles that contribute to Gregor’s exclusion from human society. In order to stress his theme of isolation and rejection, Franz Kafka uses Gregor’s dehumanization.
Right as the story begins, Kafka uses “painful” language to describe the state of bewilderment Gregor is in when turning into a beetle. This change to his physical appearance acts as a metaphor for his human life that is present throughout the whole story. As a traveling salesman, Gregor’s parents force him to works countless hours every day in hopes to finally pay off his parents’ debt. Throughout the short story, it becomes more apparent to the reader that Gregor’s family only accepts him if he meets their demands. However, everything changed when Gregor woke up as an insect one morning, causing his family to realize that they had lost their one and only financial provider. By authorizing Gregor’s transformation into a lonely and isolated insect, Franz Kafka illustrates how…

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