Franz Kafka 's The Metamorphosis Essay

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In today’s society, it is hard to overcome being just a number. Within work and school, society teaches to follow the crowd and obey authority. Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis is a novella detailing a man’s absurd transformation from human to bug. Gregor Samsa goes from being mentally dehumanized in his working life to being physically and literally dehumanized. This metamorphosis affects not only Gregor, but his entire family. His family is burdened with the maintenance of a domesticated bug living amongst them but they also suffer from the loss of income that Gregor once provided through his work as a salesman. The last paragraph is not only a telling of the effects Gregor’s death has on the rest of the family, but of the entire Samsa family’s transformation when freed from his burden. However, although freed, the Samsa family is doomed to the same working-class dehumanization that Gregor once suffered from. Consequently, Kafka intends to show the perpetual cycle of dehumanization of the working class through the story of Gregor Samsa. To begin, after Gregor dies, the Samsa family’s only concern is forgetting him and focusing on the prospect hope. Towards the end of the novel, the Samsa family utterly forgets Gregor as if the story of the Metamorphosis never happened. The last paragraph concludes the story with a sense of hope that was once taken away due to the burden of Gregor’s metamorphosis. The Samsa’s look to the future in complete disregard for the death of…

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