Franz Kafka 's Metamorphosis, The Nature Of Gregor Samsa 's Reality Changes

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In Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, the nature of Gregor Samsa’s reality changes insignificantly in spite of his drastic physical change. Gregor’s transformation completely alters his outward appearance and leaves his mind unchanged, creating a lack of synchronization. Before metamorphosis, he worked long, hard hours as a traveling salesman to provide for his family. One morning, Gregor woke up after having bad dreams and found out that his body had been transformed into a “monstrous vermin.” From that moment, his life turned for the worst, yet his well- being and mind remain unchanged. Though Gregor undergoes great physical change, initially, his mind and body lack all harmony. When Gregor awakes and discovers that he is an enormous bug, he attempts to get out of his bed just like a human would. “No matter how energetically he threw himself onto his right side, each time he rocked back into the supine position. He must have tried a hundred times...(Kafka 11).” Gregor tried to stand upright even though his body is not suited to being upright. After attempting to get out of bed, Gregor also thinks he is going to work. He states, “I’ve got to get up, because my train leaves at five… he wanted to get up in peace and unmolested, get dressed and, especially, have breakfast…(Kafka 12, 13).” Gregor’s mind lacks harmony with his body because he believes if goes to work he will keep his family out of debt, but fails to realize how his new physical transformation makes the task…

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