Frantz Fanon Black Rage Essay

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Of all liberation ideologies, one of the most well-known struggles is that for black liberation. The Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement are ideas that often come to mind when black liberation is mentioned. One idea that has arisen is that of black rage, which takes on several distinct definitions. This concept has even been written about by authors such as Frantz Fanon. Despite its various interpretations, black rage is a key part of black liberation ideas.
Black rage is an instrumental aspect of the black liberation movement. To some black separatists, black rage is the black community’s anger towards white society and white domination. In addition, those who believe in this definition of black rage believe that black rage also deals with issues such as drug addiction, poverty, and despair among African Americans. However, not all people view black rage in this way. Thinkers such as Dr. William
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In his book, Black Skins, White Masks, the Algerian psychoanalyst, provides his observations of what black rage is. In his text, Fanon describes the feelings of inferiority that Black Africans who tried to imitate European behaviors felt. Fanon believed that not matter how perfect they were in speaking European languages, or how European they dressed, the Black Africans would never be white. Because of this, Fanon argued that the Black Africans in Europe were self-loathing, which caused them to take on self-destructive behaviors. Thus, this black rage, unlike the others, was the result of black people failing to be accepted by whites. However, as with all people who offered definitions of black rage, Fanon also offered a solution to it. In order to free them from this rage, Fanon argued that black people should start questioning white culture and challenging it as not being the only standard for society. By doing this, Fanon believed that the self-destructive black rage could be brought to and

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