Franklin 's Life Of Life Essay

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In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin recollected his story from his childhood up to the years before his death. Franklin grew up in a Puritan household, so that while he never identified with a single sect of Christianity during his adulthood, he did believe in the foundation of Christianity and the importance of living with moral integrity. Franklin attempted to be morally perfect by creating a list of thirteen virtues that would keep him on the path of righteousness. Among the virtues that helped shape the rest of his life, Franklin saw industry, humility, and sincerity as the utmost importance for a life of moral perfection.
Franklin came from a poor family where the only way to success was through one’s own hard work, which is why it’s no surprise that Franklin valued the virtue of industry so much. Franklin defined industry as always doing something useful (Franklin 72). Throughout his book, the reader can see how important industry was to his life. He created the first library and fire station in America, and the first university in Pennsylvania. He worked on his newspaper and various pamphlets throughout his life, and held multiple jobs in the Assembly for a number of years. Despite the amount of work the writing and the Assembly demanded from him, Franklin also found time to help the common people by establishing paved roads and new street lanterns in the city and conduct experiments involving electricity. Instead of focusing on ways to improve his…

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